Al-Hafiz Yunus Omotayo

Often, at different points in the course of life, we find ourselves at the crossroads of taking critical decisions that can make or mar the prosperity of our present or the prospect of our future.

Sometimes, it happens that less or more than four good options surface before us and, although each of them is characterized by respective positivity, we are yet required or obliged to choose the better of the good or the best out of the better. Conversely, at other time, certain options having ominous consequences would conjur up themselves before us and we are faced with the puzzle of choosing, unavoidably, the one that is of lesser evil or less grave in consequence.

Every human life, in all its ramifications – whether personal or societal, individual or collective, mundane or spiritual, singular or marital, casual or professional, formal or informal, academic or non-academic, private or corporate, local or national and international, has had and will always have to experience this scenario in the course of its destiny.

However, the clue here is that, to be able to navigate successfully to the shore of the destination of our destinies, we’ve got to deploy some means at our disposal. To subsume, submerge and subvert our challenges and drive safely out of such critical crossroads, we’ve got to always make the right choice and take the best option. And to do this, we, of course, often deploy the power of our knowledge, experience and skills. Notably, however, experience has shown that deploying only these means doesn’t always guarantee us the best result. One more important means has to be brought to bear for prosperity of our lives and destinies.

Expediently, since humans are cognitively limited in knowledge, longitudinally and latitudinally shortsighted, potentially weak in nature, trans-physically deficient in insight, we inevitably need to always connect the transhuman essence that is within us with, and get guidance from, the Omnific God, Whose Insight is Transcendental, Whose Knowledge is Omniscientific, Whose Wisdom is Consummate and Whose Power is Absolute. In other words, as depicted in the graphic attached to this short piece, when we get stuck at the crossroads of life where, for instance, we are obliged to decide who should be allowed to first drive pass, when a presidential car, a fire engine, an ambulance and a police car get stuck together at a crossroads , we would, surely, hit the right decision if we combine our knowledge, experience and skills with supplication, using the efficacious Divine Prayer revealed in the famous Al-Fātihah – the opening Chapter of the Qur’ān: Guide us in the right course, O God! Ihdinas-sirātal-mustaqīm!

~Al-Hafiz Yunus Omotayo


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