The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Nigeria Branch has graduated nine (9) Missionaries at its School of Theology (Jamiatul-Mubashireen) located at Ilaro, Ogun State.

The graduands who had successfully completed their four-year programmes comprised of five (5) Nigerians, three (3) Beninoise, and one Cameroonian. Their names are Adeyemi Habeebullah (Nigeria), Apooyin Abdulroqeeb (Nigeria), Gongola Abbas (Nigeria), Badrudeen Abdul Azeez (Nigeria); Ajakaye Mujtaba (Nigeria); Hafiz Ayeroumi Abdul Kabir (Benin Republic); Hafiz Ibrahim Shafii’ (Benin Republic); Isa Alabi Mustapha (Benin Republic) and Nuhu Yusuf Baba (Cameroon).

Alhaji Alatoye Folorunso Azeez, the National Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of Nigeria who was the Chairman of Convocation Ceremony enjoined the newly graduated Missionaries to live up to expectation by displaying attributes and characters of a true reformer.

Barrister Alatoye also urged the new Missionaries to always upgrade themselves morally and educationally by making researches and professing solutions to world crises. He added that it can only be possible through fervent prayers.

“Today, I congratulate you all on your well-deserved convocation ceremony after four years of rigorous training at Jamiatul-Mubashireen. You have all chose to be reformers, therefore you should always display good attributes of reformers. Your work is a blessed and professional one. It has both worldly and divine rewards. You are on the track to teach the people to be Godly.”

“Missionaries are researchers. You are expected to research on lasting solutions to the challenges facing the world. You must then support your solutions with prayers.”
“You must preach with the goodness of your behaviors. Also train and retrain yourselves to be better. Always follow the right path and guard against evils from money and women. Above all, go to the field to reform the people with good characters and prayers,” the Amir stated.

The National Head also sounded a note of warning to Jamia students generally in respect to the rules and regulations of the institution.

His word: “The aim of the institution is to produce reformers of good repute and proud ambassadors of Ahmadiyya Community. Any candidate coming to Jamia must be steadfast, God-fearing and upright. We can’t afford to produce unfit missionaries to the society.”
“When you are opportuned to be in Jamiatul-Mubashireen, do not attempt to violate the rules and regulations, the punishment is very stiff. Please follow all the rules guiding the institution.”

The Acting Missionary Incharge, Maulvi Abid Abdul Waasi enjoined graduands to always request His Holiness for prayers and seek for his guidance on all their daily routines.
Certificates of Excellence were later given to the graduating students. Academic and sporting event prizes were also presented to outstanding students.

Prominent among the guests include the National leader Majlis Ansarullah Ahmadiyya Nigeria (Elders’ Forum of Ahmadiyya Community), Alhaji Abdul Waheed Adeoye and National leader Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Nigeria (Youth Wing), Dr. Sanni Taofeeq.


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